Objectives of the Foundation Founded on January 5th, 1994, the “Axis” Foundation established in its status the goal to promote in the academic environment the values of culture and democracy, by framing specific activities and programs:Programs of education for democracy and civic culture

Training and support for specialists who run their activities in the academic environment

Financing significant academic-oriented cultural projects

Creating a proper environment for the academic dialogue, by organizing interdisciplinary research projects focused on actual political, social and historical themes

Initiating own research programs

Founding and running a publishing house, “Editura Fundatiei Axis” / “Axis Foundation Publishing House”: academic books and course support materials.

Editing student and academic journals

Founding a sociological investigation, opinion survey and informational marketing research center

Founding and supporting students’ professional organizations

Organizing training sessions for future students as well as current students and graduates

Offering scholarships for students and researchers in humanities

Granting prizes for creativity in humanities







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